Thursday, 17 November 2011

New Website Launch

Following our successful move to Tavistock earlier this year, we have been settling in to our new surroundings and thoroughly enjoying ourselves (albeit at times things have been a little hectic, putting right the inevitable teething problems). However, we have met many new interesting clients and the fruits of our labour are beginning to show themselves.

The next milestone now passed, is the set up and launch of our new branding and website: many thanks to Tim and Jake at The Drawing Board ( for all their ideas and guidance here; unique personalities shall we say, but brilliant at what they do! Part of the process was to ask our existing clients to contribute comments and this has had a fantastic response, reaffirming to us that our approach is the right way. However, we are not so big-headed to assume we cannot improve things still further, so we are always open to constructive criticism - honestly!

Obviously the current issues affecting the world markets are a constant backdrop to all of our financial planning strategies at the moment. We do our best to guide our clients through the mass of sensational negativity which tends to be the preferred media stance and make decisions based on solid facts, in line with their own unique situation and requirements.

The current uncertainty will show as market volatility but the main tenets of investing - sell high, buy low, widely diversified portfolios, consider the longer term, etc - all still apply......


Tuesday, 13 September 2011